Early Years 2021-2022

Welcome to Early Years!
Our happy unit starts with our 2 year old provision.  Our teacher for the 2 year olds is Mrs Robson.  Our Nursery children are taught by Mrs Noonan.  The 2 and 3 year olds spend some of their day learning together but we also have plenty of time during the day when the children learn with their own age group in their own class.
Your Reception teachers this year are Mrs Pearson and Mrs Robinson.  Our morning in Reception also welcomes our 3 year olds who join us to discover the same topics together.   
Our principal communication will be via tapestry so please check regularly for updates and photographs and do send us messages if you have any questions or comments.  We love to see your family photos so please snap away and upload onto Tapestry.  The children love this!  We will also update this blog each week with main news events so please do share our link with family so that everyone who knows your child can share their experiences.
We are delighted to be welcoming your children into our classes and are looking forward to a great year!
Mrs Pearson, Mrs Robinson, Mrs Noonan and Mrs Robson x
Summer term 2022
This week we have enjoyed practising our jubilee songs ready for our assembly next week.  We are getting so good at learning our lines!  We have enjoyed the lovely warm weather and exploring the outdoor area with our friends.  
We were lucky to have Michelle, Lillian's mum, come and read to us and Nicole, Frankie's mum which has been a real treat.  We love having visitors!  Don't forget to let us know if you would like to come in one day!
We have been continuing to practice our captions both reading and writing in Reception and Nursery have been looking at sounds and actions.  We are getting brilliant at our nursery rhymes and can recite lots of them off by heart.  Aren't we clever!
w/b 9.5.2022
This week in Early Years we have been getting excited about the upcoming Jubilee!  We  have been learning about the monarchy and how long the Queen has been on the throne.  We learnt about Prince Charles and Prince William being next in line and started practicing our Jubilee songs for our celebration.  It's so exciting!
In maths we have been looking at spatial awareness.  Did you know that making patterns, jigsaws and representing and copying models are really important skills for our younger learners and help them make sense of maths later on?  We have been amazing our teachers with our achievements this week.  
We had a special treat this week when Fay from Hoopstarz visited us with her hoola hoops and showed us how to do some tricks with the hoops.  The sun was shining, the music was blaring and we had the best day!  We are keeping our fingers crossed that she can come back soon!
On Friday we took a long awaited trip to Prudhoe Library which was amazing.  We are so happy to be out and about in our community again and learning about how special communities are.
w/b 2.5.2022
It's been an exciting week in Early Years!  
Reception had a very successful and dry trip to the castle!  We focused on how life has changed by looking at the homes and kitchens of families who lived in the 11th and 12th century when the castle was in its infancy.  We all agreed that we were happy that we are alive now and not then!  We are getting really good at recognising all the house numbers on the way down and learning lots of great language about the castle and its grounds.
Nursery have been focusing on sharing and taking turns this week and played lots of games with each other to reinforce positive behaviour.  We are always happiest when we are playing with our friends!  Reading continues to be a huge focus for us and whenever anyone pops into the nursery, there is always someone sitting nice and cosily with one of the teachers reading a book!  We are enjoying the weather getting a bit warmer and playing around in our sand and water trays.  
w/b 25.4.22
We have been so excited to be back at school this week!  We loved looking through all the tapestry photos showing us what you have all been up to during the holidays.  It all looked wonderful and what a lot of Easter eggs - yum!
Our new topic this half term is 'The world around us'.  We continue to explore features of our local environment and beyond by looking and visiting the outdoor world.  This week we have been studying the United Kingdom.  We learned all about the Loch Ness monster and the Isles of Scily.  
Phonics this term really picks up in pace with nursery children becoming confident and familiar with letters and their sounds and reception children writing captions and words.
Spring term 2022

w/b 4.4.22

As we come to the end of another term, the staff in EYFS have been reflecting on how much the children have changed over the course of the last few weeks.  They have grown so much in confidence and resilience which is fantastic to see.  Their care for each other and the joy and happiness on their faces when they arrive in the setting is just beautiful.  We are so thrilled with all of their personal progress.

The children have completed a lovely topic ‘down on the farm’ which has provided opportunities for us to look beyond the world around us and think about where our food comes from, how farmers take care of animals and plants and to think about how farming has changed over time.  The children loved their recent visit to the allotment and I would encourage you to try to find an opportunity to visit Bill Quay Farm, Pets corner in Jesmond Dene or Ouseburn Farm over the holidays as it’s fab free family fun.  Check ahead for opening times as they may be closed due to avian flu.




The warmer weather has allowed us to get outdoors and have some parachute fun on the grass which we have enjoyed and of course, you can’t beat a session on the bikes and trikes whizzing around our playground.  It has been lovely to meet some of you during our parents evening and don’t forget our door is always open should any of you want to pop in and talk about your child’s learning and development with us in person at any stage during the year.  

We hope that this fine spell continues and that you all enjoy a very well deserved rest and a wonderful Easter break

w/b 28.3.22
This week we were happy to welcome back our two Northumbria University Students to EYFS - Miss Piper and Miss Peacock.  They are with us for a few weeks and we love having them around!
We are continuing our learning about down on the farm and have been reading the lovely story 'Farmer duck' which we have all enjoyed joining in with.  The children in the EYFS had a visitor this week who commended them on their behaviour and attitude in class which has made us super proud.  She was particularly impressed with how thoughtful and caring they were which is wonderful.  
What a contrast to the weather this week!  We have had our wellies on and been jumping around in the snow.  What a difference to last week.  Unfortunately we needed to cancel our planned trip to the park but we will rearrange it for a less rainy day.  This week in the EYFS kitchen we have rustled up some delicious tomato pasta which the children woofed!  It was a popular choice!
w/b 21.3.22
We have taken advantage of our incredible weather this week and used the opportunity to get out and about on the field, in the sand pit, on our bikes and trikes and having lots of fresh air and sunshine!  There's something about being outdoors that just lifts everyone's spirits and all of us have benefited from all that vitamin D this week!
Continuing our theme of 'down on the farm we have been naming parts of animals and learning a little bit more about them including where they live, what they eat, who their babies are and how we look after them.  Our scarecrow has now moved into the Reception room where she sits in pride of place!
It has been lovely to welcome some of you indoors for parents evening which was a happy experience for everyone.  Our Ukraine fundraiser today means that we can all give a little bit for those people whose lives have been so dreadfully affected recently.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to them from all of us in Early Years.
w/b 14.3.22
This week has been the final week for our lovely Northumbria students Miss Carr and Miss Baxter.  They have been with us for the last few weeks and made a real impact on the children.  We are going to miss them very much and thank them for everything they have done at Prudhoe Castle.
It's been another week of learning about Down on the Farm with our story focus being 'A squash and a squeeze' by Julia Donaldson.  It is a wonderful tale of accepting what we have and being grateful.  The children have learned a valuable lesson from this wonderful book.
Emma from West End Refugee Service came to talk to us about what it means to be a refugee - a very topical subject at the moment unfortunately.  We had a wonderful day of crafts celebrating diversity and understanding the many reasons people may need to leave their country.
We have been happy that the sun is starting to shine again in Prudhoe this week!  This has given us lots of opportunity to get outside and have a lovely time in our outdoor area building, scootering and playing with our friends.
We have been just as busy inside continuing our learning about the world around us down on the farm.  One of our favourite activities was looking at how potatoes grow and then peeling, cutting, mashing and eating them!  They were delicious.  We also celebrated international women's day and learnt about the wonderful work of Mother Theresa.  What an inspirational woman she was!
The children are getting super confident with their reading and writing in Reception and have made such amazing progress since September.  We are very proud of them all!
w/b 28/2/21
What an exciting week it has been!  We had pancake day on Monday and in addition to making and eating delicious pancakes, we learned about how pancake day came about before Lent.  
We started our new topic this week 'Down on the Farm' and have been reading some lovely stories, singing animal songs and doing lots of farm related activities including animal homes, old and new farms and which animals you find on a farm.
On Thursday we celebrated World book day which was amazing!  We got the chance to join in with a parade with KS1 and KS2 to show off our outfits. Some of us even spoke in front of the whole school to explain our book and character choices.  The older children came to read to us throughout the day which we really enjoyed.  We even got to go to KS1 and KS2 classes to hear other teachers read to us.  We really enjoyed that!
We  have had an amazing final week of half term at school.  Our theme has been The enormous turnip which has been a great introduction to root vegetables.  We have examined them, chopped them, printed with them and we even made our own pot luck soup which was delicious!
On Friday we celebrated together to raise money for the children's heart unit fund CHUF.  We learned about kindness and empathy and charity and we were so happy to support this wonderful cause.
We hope all of you have a fantastic half term break and we look forward to seeing you again in a few days time.

w/b 7.2.22

This week in Early Years/Reception we have been reading the story Jack in the Beanstalk.  We looked at mixing blue and yellow to make green to paint beanstalks in the painting area. In science we planted our own sunflower seeds and cress seeds. We are very excited to watch them grow. Our focus in maths this week has been looking at the terms short, long, tall and short.  We created long and short snakes in the playdough, and used the unfix blocks to measure tall and short sunflowers to support this. The children have loved having the Lego out this week and have made some amazing models.  It has also been our assessment week and the children have wowed us with their progress!  Fantastic!

w/b 31.1.21
This week we have been focusing on The Ugly Duckling in English.  In Topic we have been learning all about Chinese New Year and in maths we have been combing 2 sets to see how much altogether.  It's been a busy week!
The Ugly Duckling has been a lovely story to read and reflect on our own behaviours and how we treat people who look different to us.  We compared this story to another one of my favourites Abracazebra which highlights the zebra being marginalised due to the way he looked.
Chinese new year has allowed us to celebrate another cultures new year and we have loved it!  We have made dragons and lanterns, tasted Chinese food and learned about the animals in the zodiac.
w/b 24.1.2022
It feels like we are slowly getting back to normal at PCFS with more children in school than out with covid.  Long may that last!  It is hard to believe that this time last year we were in lockdown.  It makes us sad to think that the children missed out on so much.  This year we are making school extra special and trying to squeeze lots of activity, fun and learning into every day.
This week has been no exception!  Little Red Hen has been a wonderful tale for us to enjoy.  We had time to reflect on and appreciate how much we do for each other and promised that we would never behave like the animals in the story!
Reception children have enjoyed baking bread and today in Early Years we have investigated different types of bread including pitta, bread buns, granary, wholemeal - and more!  The best part was toasting it all up and having it with lashings of butter for our snack.  We were super spreaders with our butter and loved it! We have some gorgeous little red hens decorating our classrooms that have been colour mixed to get the shades we thought would match the story.  We have loved this week!
w/b 17.1.22
It's been a busy week in Early Years with lots going on in Reception around the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears and in nursery We're going on a bear hunt!
Early Years children enjoyed making porridge this week and we didn't have too many grimaces when they all got to try it!  We looked at how the flakes changed their texture as they cooked.  Nursery children have enjoyed mimicking the actions from the book swishing and swashing through the imaginary grass.
In maths we have been looking at full and empty/heavy and light and big and small.  Our favourite parts were pouring out liquids and digging up the sand to count how many spades it would take to fill up a bucket!
Our scissor skills have been continuing to improve and we are cutting around pictures with increasing accuracy.  Fabulous!
w/b 10.1.2022
We have had a wonderful week exploring all about The Gingerbread man!  This is definitely one of our favourite traditional tales and gives us a chance to join in with those repeated refrains 'run run as fast as you can!'  We have studied the characters and how they were feeling, had a go at making posters and using pencils to represent the story through pictures and words.  Thank you for continuing to send in a named water bottle each day with your children as even though it is freezing cold outside, the children do get thirsty and need plenty to drink during the day.
Could we also remind parents of nursery 2 and Reception children to wear PE kits to school every Wednesday for our session with NUFC.  Thank you!
Welcome back everyone!  We hope you have had an amazing Christmas break.  The children have come back refreshed and excited for the term ahead and we have lots planned in our new topic all about nursery rhymes and fairy tales.  This week we have been singing and reading our favourite rhymes including baa baa black sheep, incy wincy spider and of course twinkle twinkle little star!  We welcomed some new starters into our nursery this week and they have settled in wonderfully!  We are delighted to have them!
Autumn Term 2021
w/b 14.12.21
We can't believe that our lovely children have been with us for a whole full term!  They have progressed in so many ways and have wowed us all with their achievements.
From all of us in the EYFS we wish you a very Happy Christmas and a healthy new year.  See you soon in 2022! x
W/b 7.12.21
What a week we have had in Early Years!  We have been nativity a go go!  It's been such a special treat to watch the children so excited to come in, get dressed up in a variety of costumes and sing and dance their hearts out for our show.  We have camels, donkeys, sheep, shepherds...and all the other main characters.  Alongside our nativity we have been learning the nativity story and know all about Joseph and Mary's journey to Bethlehem.  This story was brought to life for us by Reverend Dan when the Reception children joined the rest of a school for a trip to St Mary's church for our annual carol service.  We had an amazing time!
Today is Christmas jumper day and we are loving showing off our amazing bright colours.  The Early Years is buzzing with excitement and anticipation.  Our naughty elf is watching us and making sure we are all being little angels!  Keep on that nice list kids!  You are almost there!

w/b 30.11.21

We have had a busy few weeks in Early Years enjoying our new topic on Festivals, night and day and light and dark.  We have learned some great new words including diurnal and nocturnal!  We have loved exploring the torches and learning about which animals come out at night.  We have been mixing colours to make dark skies and exploring which colours make us feel bright and awake during the day.  We have been reading some lovely texts to go with our topic including Mog in the dark, Owl babies, Peace at last and Can’t you sleep little bear.

The children have had fun building dens and discussing our feelings about night time, our bedtime routines and what we like to do in the dark.  Bonfire night provided lots of opportunities for firework art, bonfire safety and time to talk about our own experiences.

Our attention has now switched to our nativity and we are enjoying learning our lovely new songs for our show ‘The big little nativity’.  We are disappointed that restrictions mean we can’t perform this live but rest assured we will make a lovely video for you to enjoy together at home.  We will post this onto Tapestry and onto Google Classroom.  

W/b 22.11.21
The Early Years have had a wonderful week exploring our topic night and dark.  We have been reading some lovely stories and this week focused on one of our favourites. Fly by night.  It is a lovely story enabling us to confront our own worries and fears.
The children have been using puppets, making our own owls and exploring different colours and textures.  We have been loving our new gymnastics sessions on a Friday.  Thank you for those parents who have sent PE kit in this term.  We are getting much better at changing!
w/b 15.11.2021
This week both classes have been enjoying the lovely story of Owl babies by Martin Waddell.  It is a beautiful tale of family and feelings.  The children have been exploring their understanding of night and day and looking at different textures to recreate owls and other models.  
The children are loving our gymnastics sessions this term and are getting better at getting dressed and undressed independently.  We are really growing up!
It has also been anti bullying week this week and we read The Smartest Giant in Town to explore the meaning of kindness.  In addition, we have been learning about road safety week and role played crossing the road.  We had a great time using torches to investigate which materials were reflective.
wb 8.11.21
This week in early years we have maximised our time outdoors to enjoy the gorgeous winter sunshine we have experienced this week.  Long may it last!  We have made channels for our toys to move across in the water tray, used chalk to write numbers and letters and built amazing models with the 3d shapes!
We got to see a wonderful show on Thursday when the magical theatre company visited our school.  It was loud, funny and full of colour.  We loved it!  
w/b 1.11.21

This week in early years we have had a visit from the firefighters where we learnt how to keep safe on bonfire night. It was very exciting listening to them, and we were able to ask them lots of questions. We have made firework pictures using paint and straws and we even made our own rockets! We loved painting our tubes and decorating them with different papers and patterns.  We have listened to stories about space and we pretended to rockets when we sang songs! We used our sounds to blend words we associate with bonfire night.  

We also managed to get outside in our mathematics activities this week using the bean bags and hoops to help us count our numbers. We enjoyed learning the story of Rama and Sita when we discussed Diwali, the festival of light.  It's been a great first week back!
The Early Years team would like to wish you all a wonderful half term break.  We've had lots of spooky fun this week and have enjoyed talking about all the lovely things we will do on our holiday!
Have a great rest and we will see you back at school bright eyed and bushy tailed in a few days time!
In nursery we have been focusing on turn taking by playing games and being mindful of each other.  We did some junk modelling with children using their own imagination to produce an object.  We have been matching objects to pictures and extending their vocabulary through stories and rhymes
Reception have been on their second trip to the castle and what fun we had!  We have been lucky to have dodged the rain.  This time around we even made our own packed lunch and had great fun making our sandwiches following an ALGORITHM!  New vocabulary for us!  We also made our own cookies so it made our lunch extra special knowing we had made it.  Yum!
Thank you for all the reading comments in the diaries.  We always love to read them.
This week in Reception we are super lucky to have been on our first trip of the year to Prudhoe Castle.  The castle is very conveniently located at the end of our road and we intend to maximise this by going on plenty of walks around the site to experience many areas of the curriculum first hand!  We will be looking at the landscape, the castle itself,  how the environment changes depending on the season and improving our mental wellbeing being out in the wonderful outdoors!
We are learning how to master holding a pencil correctly in Reception and nursery are building up to this by mark making in a range of materials including paint, flour and sand!  We are having a HUGE focus on literacy in Early Years and we can often be found sitting on the floor reading a book or talking about a book.  Language development is at the heart of our story telling and it is a precious moment together we all treasure.
Nursery are becoming increasingly independent and we are thrilled at how beautifully they are eating their lunch in the dinner hall.  Well done Nursery, you have come on so much in just a few short weeks!


It’s hard to believe we are already motoring through this first term!  Each day is lively, busy and packed with learning!  Our EYFS children arrive bright, curious and eager to discover something new.  They know how to keep us on our toes!

This term is all about them.  We have been finding out about their interests, their families, their hopes and dreams and their friends.  We always find time throughout the day to sit down with a child 1-1, have a little chat and make sure they know we care about them and want to get to know them a little bit better.

This topic enables us to explore things like What’s a name?  How do we grow?  What are the parts of our body?  Do we all feel the same way?  It’s a perfect start to the year and we have been engaging in lots of practical activities to discover the answers to our questions.

Reception children have been really engaging with their reading and are impressing us with how many sounds they have already learned!  The nursery children have been discovering sounds on sound walks, with instruments and even with our farm animal toys!

Maths is always extremely popular and the children love to count out the jewels and counters in their play.  We have introduced simple puzzles which are always a welcome challenge.

What a lovely week we have been blessed with!  We have had a great time exploring the outdoors and taking advantage of these last few rays of sunshine before the Autumn sets in.  Our children have loved donning their wellies and going on welly walks around our lovely grounds and we have been adapting our outdoor play equipment to show children how to be creative with the pipes, tyres and crates.
Reception children are zipping through their phonics with enthusiasm and energy and this week we started to learn how to sound out different letters using sound buttons to blend into a real word.  Our understanding of shape and space and number continues to grow through the use of numicon and small world toys and we confidently shout out most of our numbers to 10 now which is amazing!
Nursery children continue to impress us with their thirst to learn.  They love exploring all the different areas in the classroom and this week have been playing with the instruments, matching objects to the 3 bears and becoming more confident to articulate their thoughts.
Another great week in EYFS!
We've had a super week in Early Years really getting to know our new classes by engaging in lots of learning through play activities.  
The Reception children have been delighted with their new reading books and are impressing us with how much they can articulate when discussing what they can see in the pictures.  We have started our phonics curriculum and are learning how to write in a pre cursive style.  In maths we have been counting to 10 and trying to recognise numbers.
Nursery have been busy exploring the classroom and learning key skills like tidying up and sharing.  They have been enjoying sitting down with a teacher with a book and turning the pages carefully.
Sunny days have meant lots of opportunity to play outside in the nice warm weather which we have loved!

Welcome back everyone!  And a special welcome to all our lovely new children who have settled in so beautifully this week.  In Early Years our main focus this week has been ensuring children are happy and excited to come to school.  Early Years is so important in building a positive, enthusiastic and motivated attitude to school and that all begins day 1!

We have been doing lots of fun activities to get to know each other.  The children have been exploring the setting both inside and outside and learning about how to play safely together.  

Reception children are feeling super grown up especially now we are sending home reading books!  Next week we start teaching phonics and we will be following the letters and sounds phonics scheme.  https://lettersandsounds.org.uk/ We will start on phase 2.  You may notice that you start getting a few words in their reading diaries to learn to read over the coming weeks.  We would appreciate you returning their yellow reading diaries each day so that when we read with the children we can write a little comment for you.  We also love to hear your thoughts so please do write us some notes in their diaries too to let us know how your child is getting on at home.

Nursery children (3 year olds) will also be starting their pre phonics teaching next week and following phase 1 of the letters and sounds program focusing on environmental sound discrimination.

Our 2 year olds have really impressed us this week with their willingness to have a go even if they are sometimes feeling a little overwhelmed!  We are having lots of lovely cuddles and slowly but surely the children’s confidence is starting to grow.

As always, we are always available if you have any questions or concerns.  Drop us an email, a note on tapestry or catch us at the gate.  We can always arrange a time to sit down for a chat.