Key Stage 2 2021-2022

Welcome to Key Stage Two!

Your teachers this year are Miss Paisley and Mrs Bell.

Our principal communication will be via Seesaw so please check regularly for updates and upload any homework, reading or any other activities you complete at home. We love looking at these in class! If you have any questions or comments please send us a message. We will also update this school blog each week with activities the children have been completing so please do share our link with family so that everyone can celebrate their achievements.

Please could you send your child to school with their reading book, book to share and reading journal every day. They will receive 3 new books on a Friday. Children will complete a spelling test every Friday and a times table test every fortnight again on a Friday.

We are delighted to be welcoming your children into our class and are looking forward to a great year!

Miss Paisley and Mrs Bell x

In DT we have been designing our own Egyptian Death Mask. We used paper mache to cover the structure and then painted them in bright colours fit for a Pharaoh.
Today in English, we made a script about all the facts in Sicily and presented it to the class to persuade people to visit. There was some brilliant presenters in the class, well done KS2!
World Book Day! KS2 loved fantastic in all of their costumes today. We had a parade in the hall to show everyone our costumes and books then shared some very interesting stories with each other and with KS1, which was brilliant to build our confidence. We even had the chance to go and read with some of the EYFS children! 
We all loved mummifying a tomato today to understand the processes of mummification in Ancient Egypt! We made instructions on how Egyptians actually did it.
We’ve been experimenting which materials make shadows today. We know what the scientific terms transparent, opaque and translucent mean!
We loved taking part in an experiment to demonstrate the importance of catch it, bin it and kill it to stop germs spreading easily. We even made our own germs too!
We’ve had a brilliant day at the Hancock museum exploring the Ancient Egyptians and even got to handle some of the objects they used in their jobs as Pharaohs, scribes or farmers.
We have started drawing our monster faces in Art today. We were using the techniques we have learnt over the past few weeks to blend the colours such as tonking, sgraffito and impasto. 
We've been investigating how mirrors work today. We have looked at our names, mazes and compared actions in the mirror.
We've been practising our 4, 7, 8 and 9 times tables in KS2 this week using lots of practical resources and games! Practise makes perfect!
We have been experimenting in Science to find out if we need light to see and what darkness is.
We all enjoyed our delicious Christmas dinners on Christmas Jumper Day!
This week we had a workshop with the North East Ambulance Service about how to put people in the recovery position and do CPR. We learnt some extremely important skills for if we ever find anyone in trouble. All of KS2 now know the steps and understand what they must do to help!
We've been sorting cards into human and physical features in the UK. Then we had to use all of our knowledge from this term and write a non-chronological report about the UK.
We have been exploring the human skeleton and naming the bones in our body. We all worked well in our groups to draw and label our own skeletons. 
This week we had so much fun using the iPads to make our own moving animation. We used the app called iMotion to create different stories!
We have been focusing on quotations in a newspaper report. This week we had so much using pasta for our speech marks!
In computing we all made a flip book animation. We were able to make a picture move and do different actions!
We've been experimenting with magnetics to find out which materials are magnetic! We also looked at whether coins are too.
We have been learning about the Stone Age this half term. We have been focusing on cave paintings and what you might see on the walls. Look at our wonderful sketches of mammoths! Well done KS2!! 
Over the past three weeks we have been learning 'Stig of the Dump' through a story map and using actions. We innovated the story map to make it even better by adding in more exciting adjectives, adverbs and different sentence starters. This past week we have been inventing our own narrative based around the same structure. The children have made some fabulous stories so far! Well done!
This week we started our pocket trumpet lessons! We all had so much fun learning how to play the trumpet and listen to the different sounds we could all make.
This week in maths we have been focusing on place value. The children have worked so hard using Base 10 and Place Value Counters to understand what each digit represents in 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers. We also enjoyed answering challenge questions to ensure we can explain our answers. 
Keep up the good work!


Welcome to Year 3 and 4! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are excited to be back in school with your friends. I am so impressed to see how well you have all settled in and the enthusiasm you have shown in the classroom. 

This week in maths we have been discussing various number sequences and adding or subtracting numbers to complete the different sequences. This term our maths focus will be place value and understanding the value of 3 and 4 digit numbers. 

In English we have been focusing on our cursive handwriting to ensure we can take pride in our presentation. The target for the first half term will be to continue practising joining the letters correctly. We also had the opportunity to plan and write a diary entry about our favourite day in the school holidays. Next week we will begin our new class story of ‘Stig in the Dump’ which will be used as inspiration for our writing. 

Homework will be weekly with the focus on maths or English. This will be sent home every Monday and is to be returned to school every Friday. As you know reading is extremely important so the children will get 3 reading books each week. This will include: a levelled book (Collins Big Cat book), a book to share and a library book. Please could I remind children to bring their reading diaries, levelled books and books to share into school every day as we will read these throughout the week. Levelled books will be changed every Friday to ensure the children become confident with the various texts and comprehension.

The children will get spellings to practise each week which will then be tested on the Friday of every week. In addition to this, children will be set times tables which they need to practise for a fortnightly test on Fridays. 


Keep up the good work KS2!