Key Stage One 2020 - 2021

Welcome to Key Stage One!
Your teachers this year are Miss Waters and Miss Douglas! 
Our principal communication initially will be via Seesaw so please check that regularly and upload any homework, reading or activities you complete at home onto the website. I will send out spellings at the start of every half term and our weekly spelling test will be on a Friday.
Please send your child's book bag in with them every day as there will be opportunities to read with adults in school. They will receive 3 new reading books on a Friday.
We are delighted to be welcoming your children into our class and are looking forward to a great year!
Miss Waters and Miss Douglas. x
May 2022
KS1 loved their session with hoopstarz this week. We learnt how to hula hoop as well as lots of useful tips and amazing tricks! It was so much fun and we had lots of experts by the end of the session!
15.3.2022 English
Plants Information Text
In English we have been learning about different types of non-fiction texts. This half term we have been looking at information leaflets and the features of leaflets. We have become experts learning all about leaves and this lesson we researched different types of leaves we would include in our own leaflets. We have been inspired by the text "Trees, Leaves, Flowers and Seeds" and love looking at the pictures and reading lots of facts about the world around us.
World Book Day
KS1 thoroughly enjoyed World Book Day! We had a parade in the morning to show off our wonderful costumes and our favourite books. Throughout the day we listened to and read lots of great stories and did lots of crafts based on our favourite books.
04.02.2022 PSHE Day
Microbes and Keeping Healthy
Today we learnt the new word microbes and how microbes are bacteria, viruses or fungi. We looked at different types of microbes and identified that some microbes are harmful but some are good for us. We used clay to make and label our own microbes. Then we really enjoyed carrying out an experiment using pepper, water and soap to learn about how soap gets rid of germs and the importance of regularly washing our hands. In the afternoon we took advantage of the sunshine by getting outside to do some exercise and teach our friends different exercises. 
27.2.2022 Design Technology
Today we looked at different types of buildings. We enjoyed looking at and describing the different types of buildings. We all picked different ones which were our favourite and explained why. We then used vocabulary we have learnt in science, when learning about materials, to describe what materials are most commonly used in buildings and discussed their properties.
English: The Building Boy
Today we used drama to explore how the character was feeling and to help us understand the story "The Building Boy". We used freeze frames to develop our vocabulary by acting out how the character felt, what he noticed, what he could hear and what he did. 
First Aid Skills with North East Ambulance Service
This week KS1 took part in the Restart a Heart workshop with North East Ambulance Service. They had a great morning learning some very important skills such as how to put someone in the recovery position and how to do CPR. They enjoyed meeting a real life paramedic, asking and answering questions about first aid and learning about how they can help someone in need. 
The Christmas Journey
This week KS1 visited St Mary Magdalene Church. The children had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed listening to the Christmas story and taking part in crafts throughout the day.
Children in Need
We had a great day supporting Children in Need
Remembrance Day
Today we learnt about Remembrance Day. We talked about why we wear poppies and have two minutes of silence on the 11th November every year. We shared stories about people in our families who were involved in the war and wrote some lovely acrostic poppy poems
02.11.21 Geography
UK: Home Nations
This week we have begun our new geography topic, UK: Home Nations. We used atlases to located the UK on world maps and then we looked at maps of the UK to locate and name the four countries which make up the UK. 
Design and Technology: Making Fruit Kebabs
This half term we have learnt about different food groups and where our food comes from. We then designed our own healthy snack thinking about different fruits we like, colour, tastes and textures. We enjoyed making our own fruit kebabs, using skills such as carefully chopping. Afterwards in English we wrote some brilliant instructions using time adverbials and imperative verbs to explain how to make our fruit kebabs.
Science: The Five Senses
In science we have been learning about the five senses. We have had lots of fun this week learning about the sense of taste and the five taste groups: sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami. We tried different types of food like: lemon, grapefruit, strawberries, popcorn and dark chocolate and identified which food group they belonged too based on how they tasted.
7.10.21 Selecting and Adding Money
We have had lots of fun during today's maths lesson. We have been learning about money this week and how to add money together. Today we were using our understanding of coins and adding to help us select the right amount of money to buy things from the shop. 
English: The Tiger Who Came to Tea
Our focus in English this week has been to learn about narratives and their structure. We were very surprised to find a tea party in our outside area and we guessed that either some fairies or a tiger had been to tea. This led to us reading and listening to the story The Tiger Who Came to Tea. We have used actions to help us remember the order the story and support our sentence writing. We've also thought about how we can add adjectives to improve our stories when describing the food the tiger ate our tea party.
In Science this Autumn term we are learning all about animals including humans. We have learnt how to identify and write the names of our different body parts. We have enjoyed working scientifically and pretending to be real scientists by predicting and explaining. 
We have incorporated maths into our science lessons by learning how to gather data. We had lots of fun measuring our friends hands and putting our data into tables. 
May 2022
In English we have been learning about the famous astronaut Neil Armstrong. This half term we have been looking at non-fiction writing in the form of interview writing and how to use question marks for questions. We have found learning about the astronaut fascinating and are really enjoying reading "I am Neil Armstrong" by Brad Meltzer. We have used drama techniques this week to explore ways of incorporating description and emotion into our writing. Here we are acting out how we imagined Neil felt when he received his first toy plane as a child.
29.3.22 Autism Acceptance Week
This week to celebrate Autism Acceptance Week we have been learning all about Autism and celebrating our talents and special skills. We had a lovely discussion about autism and learned how people with autism see the world around them. Our favourite activity was getting to draw around our friends and celebrate their strengths by labelling what we like about them. It was lovely to hear how kind and caring our friends are and to recognise that we are all unique.
We enjoyed playing "What Am I?" to guess the materials based on their properties. 
04.02.2022 PSHE
Mouth Hygiene
Today we learnt about the importance of brushing our teeth. We discussed different reasons for brushing our teeth, how often and how long we should brush our teeth for. We spoke about which foods are bad for teeth if eaten too much of and looked at different foods and their nutritional values. We have begun an experiment where we have placed eggs in different liquids and have predicted which liquid we think will affect the egg the most. 
1.2.2022 Chinese New Year
We have thoroughly celebrating Chinese New Year this week. To celebrate we listened to stories, looked at how Chinese New Year is celebrated and practised writing in mandarin. We also loved learning about the animals which represent the years and finding out that this year was the year of the tiger! We then looked up which animals we were from our date of births.
28.1.2022 Maths
Making Array
This week we have been learning about multiplication. We have had lots of fun making arrays to help us solve multiplication questions.
Christmas Lunch
KS1 really enjoyed their Christmas lunch with all the trimmings today! They loved having dinner with their friends on a decorated table, pulling crackers and reading out the jokes to each other. 

In computing we have been learning how to create media. This week we have learnt how to use the shape and line tool to create art using a computer in the style of Piet Mondrian.

This week in geography we have been learning about human and physical features of the UK. We worked together to sort out pictures of different features and landmarks identifying whether they are human or physical features.
Gardening/Eco Club
This afternoon we began weeding our big pots ready to plant bulbs for the spring. 
05.11.21 Maths
Bar Models
This month we have started Barvember. We have been learning about bar models and for our starter in maths today we have been learning how to use bar models and number sentences to answer word problems involving addition and subtraction. 
Gardening/Eco Club
We have loved our first gardening session. This week the gardening club explored our outdoor area and looked at the difference between seeds and bulbs, as well as learning about our water container, clearing away the first lot of autumn leaves and sorting out our equipment ready for next week.
In history we have been learning all about toys and how they have changed over time. We have looked at toys from different time periods including: modern day, the 20th century and the Victorian times. This week we reflected upon our learning from this half term and answered questions, thinking about how: attitudes and developments in technology and materials have affected how toys have changed.
8.10.21 Computing
We have been learning all about technology. Today we discussed what technology meant. We then thought about all of the technology we use.
This week we have been very lucky to have a talented artist from Cherryburn come to our school. We had so much fun during the art workshop learning about printing and getting to work together as a class to create a huge print in the style of Thomas Bewick's work.
Water Safety
This week we had a virtual assembly with The River and Canal Trust. They taught us lots of important facts about how to stay safe when around water. 
Afterwards we had a discussion about what we had learnt and we thought it would be a really good idea to create posters with the key messages to help remind us and others how to stay safe when near water. 
Maths: Partitioning Numbers
We've worked very hard learning about place value in KS1. We have used part-whole models this week to explore how to partition numbers into tens and ones and Year 2 have been seeing how they can use their understanding of tens and ones to complete addition calculations